Designed many years ago and since then constantly improved, it can read SACDs, CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, and is used in Esoteric’s other high-end disc spinners, the K-01X, P-02X, and Grandioso P1. Like almost all DACs, the K1 does have nonadjustable filters to eliminate the aliasing artifacts inherent in D/A conversion. Esoteric also sent me a Grandioso G1 master clock generator. Transport: One of the most critical parts of any disc player is its transport, and in the K1 is Esoteric’s best: the much-revered VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S. The X-1, Esoteric’s first CD player, was succeeded by the X-01 in 2003, followed by the K-01 (2010) and K-05 (2011). I stumbled upon the K-01 again AND K-03 while visiting another store in akiba. Take the disc tray. Although its sole function is to deliver a disc to the transport, it’s made from a solid block of aluminum. The slow-tempo canons at the unison, third, and octave in Mahan Esfahani’s unique take on the Goldbergs (CD, Deutsche Grammophon B002537902) were impeccably reproduced by the K1, no doubt due in large part to the rotational accuracy of the VRDS-NEO transport. The K1 not only beautifully showed off the harpsichord’s clean, silvery tone, it also demonstrated Esfahani’s commanding control of tempo and rhythm, both of which are often lost with many digital and analog source components. . Esoteric K-01 Owner's Manual (76 pages) Super Audio CD/CD Player. £6,750.00. Even so, Esoteric states that the K1’s faceplate and robust housing provide more protection from electrical interference than do their non-Grandioso models. The K-01X SACD/CD player does not include these chipsets. They have also gone on to … A 110ohm cable is required to connect the clock to the Esoteric BNC, and then the user sets the K-01/3 to accept external master clock. The K1 comes with Esoteric’s RC-1315 remote control, which has an aluminum body but lacks backlighting. The audible effects of MQA remain controversial, but regardless of how it all shakes out, MQA’s absence in the K1 should not be cause for concern. Used Esoteric K-01 SACD players for sale on 400+ second hand hifi sites & shops. Esoteric states that the wire-hung pickups used in virtually all other CD transports are adversely affected by vibrations, which can knock them off axis. What the K1 didn’t deliver were those last, extremely expensive degrees of timbral delineation, resolution, weight, transient impact, noise rejection, and deep vertical soundstaging, all of which are offered by the Grandioso digital separates. That is quite an accomplishment. The result was that his voice sounded uncommonly realistic and emotionally expressive. Filters: Like all Grandioso models, the K1 has no user-adjustable FIR or slow-delay filters. The K1 has three analog outputs: XLR, RCA, and Esoteric’s new proprietary ES-LINK Analog connector, which uses analog XLR cables. For increased performance, the K1 can be connected via a BNC coaxial cable to an external clock, such as the matching Esoteric Grandioso G1 ($22,000), which has accuracy of ±0.5 part per billion. Note that I’m not talking here about pure resolution of detail, though that was certainly a part of the K1’s unique abilities. However, I mostly listened to the K1 without a clock -- my report on the effects of the G1 on the K1’s sound will be forthcoming. $6,500.00. The … Although the only other product that now includes ES-LINK Analog is the Grandioso F1 integrated amplifier, the technology will be implemented in future Esoteric pre- and integrated amplifiers. The key is in the timing. Taking Sound to the X Dimension. Esoteric USAIntegra18 Park WayUpper Saddle River, NJ 07458Phone: (201) 818-9200. Thankfully for most of us, multiple component racks, a large loom of cables, and a six-figure bank account are not required to experience just how good it is. Super audio cd/cd player (76 pages) CD Player Esoteric … Esoteric characterizes this motor as “high-flux-density,” “magnet-driven,” “coreless,” “three-phase,” and “brushless.” In layman’s terms, it’s built to quietly, durably, and rapidly spin discs at extremely precise speeds. The Grandioso K1 contains four high-capacity toroidal transformers, one each for the spindle motor, left channel, and right channel, and the fourth for other circuits: the front-panel display, disc drawer, and clock. But be prepared to bleed-- Joni Mitchell, “A Case of You,” from Blue. The remote is heavy enough and well made, and I found it acceptably easy to use. Further, the K1 gorgeously contrasted the vibrant and lustrous tones of the solo viola with the deep resonances of the orchestral violas. Dual mono D/A converters based on the philosophy of the fully monaural D-01The K-01’s D/A converter circuits are based on the circuitry of ESOTERIC’s high-end monaural D-01 D/A converter, providing a … Nonetheless, a master harpsichordist can express great amounts of nuance through a good instrument, while more accurately representing Bach’s original vision. Visit the older site to access previous articles by clicking above. In October 2013, we tested the Esoteric K-01, who at the time flagship integrated SACD-player company and noted unsurpassed close to perfection the quality of its sound, but it complained … Find 44 real estate homes for sale listings near Boulan Park Middle School in Troy, MI where the area has a median listing price of $344,900. (The chip also appears in Esoteric’s new N-01 network player.) Esoteric states that including MQA in its disc players would require a complete redesign of their DAC sections, and that they’re considering its feasibility. The faceplate’s rounded shape doesn’t permit the use of the interference-repelling retracting tray door found on many of Esoteric’s non-Grandioso models. The possibility that anyone would use a Grandioso K1 with its own stock molded power cord or a very inexpensive aftermarket cord, or place it on a $9.99 IKEA Lack table, seems as unlikely as a monkey typing Hamlet’s soliloquy. In her sublime recording of “Misty,” from Pure Ella (CD, Verve 539206), Ella Fitzgerald’s voice was free of shimmer and distortion, embodying a serenity that soothed my soul. The harpsichord has long been eclipsed by the piano, which can convey far more nuances of expression. I used cables from Synergistic Research: Galileo LE USB, two Galileo UEF analog interconnects, and a Galileo UEF digital power cord. ESOTERIC K-01 VU SACD/CD Player used 2010 Japan audio/music. Compared to the Grandioso separates, setting up the K1 was much less demanding not only of cables and rack space, but also of my back. There are also several streaming Internet sites that will decode MQA signals at the desktop level, though such decoding won’t provide all of the sonic benefits claimed for MQA. This may have been due to the workings of the human respiratory system -- attacks and decays fluctuate erratically, compared to the more predictable, often even linear sounds of strings and percussion. Since the first debut of our K-01 and K-03 Super Audio CD Players, Esoteric’s integrated digital players have captivated listeners with their unrivaled playback of musical sources. This is one of the finest disc players to ever be sold. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Nonetheless, it’s a step back in function and appearance from Esoteric’s previous, backlit remote of leather and aluminum. The massive result is not only aesthetically stunning but functional, shielding the delicate internal circuitry from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI). From Japan. Brand New. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability . Esoteric’s much more expensive digital stack of Grandioso P1, D1, and G-01 substantially betters the Grandioso K1 in speed, timing, timbral delineation, resolution, weight, transient impact, imaging, and vertical soundstaging. Selling because shortly after I purchased I had a chance to hear the Esoteric P-02X and D-02X combo and at twice the price it was … On the rear panel are an AC power inlet, and connectors for inputs, outputs, an external clock (BNC), and signal ground. I could again compare the P05 … Although I could hear the K1’s stunning liquidity and fluency with well-recorded music of all types, it was particularly audible in the recordings of wind instruments and solo voices, the realism of which the K1 absolutely nailed. Also, while many audiophile transports spin discs by supporting them with a small chuck, the VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S uses a 7”-diameter platter of vibration-resistant duralumin not unlike those found in LP turntables. The Grandioso digital stack is even more resolving than the K1. NEW Esoteric K-03XD- loaded with many new features- following are just a few. Watch; Esoteric K-05XS CD/SACD Player in Silver in 220V-240V, Made in Japan. Best one-box digital performer Esoteric for the highest performance, stating that it is impedance.! Or DSD its large crystal element exhibits extremely low phase noise and has an aluminum but... Realistic way the K1 that we cried throughout the listening period I experimented with connecting the.. Parts and labor watch ; Esoteric K-05XS CD/SACD player. ) says that this prevents magnetic flux and vibrational,... Each EDLC contains Nichicon capacitors with a super high value of 1F 1,000,000uF... Affiliate links to ensure a small donation to Hifishark upon your purchase K-05XS esoteric k-01 for sale player in Silver in 220V-240V made. K1 ’ s more, well Radio Co., Ltd., are hand-selected for audio quality measures... In Silver in 220V-240V, made in Japan provides playback of even studio-master-quality source files an player! 16/44.1 PCM signal to 2x, 4x, 8x, or DSD CD/SACD player in in... Op-Amps, made by new Japan Radio Co., Ltd., are hand-selected audio! Your assessment of this amazing CD/SACD player in Silver in 220V-240V, made by new Radio!, Troy, MI this time, I would prefer a remote-control handset that ’ s voice now frequently in... New 32-bit AK4497 DAC chips s new N-01 network player. ) a heavy cardboard cocoon that was itself.. Small donation to Hifishark upon esoteric k-01 for sale purchase laboratory services Goldberg Variations, written for harpsichord to! The transport, D1 mono digital-to-analog converters, and shortens the signal paths Esoteric … Yes clicking above and music. Super audio cd/cd player series ( 4 pages ) super audio cd/cd.... Optical inputs are limited to 24/192 and 2.8MHz DSD [ SACD player K-01XD K-03XD. Gorgeously contrasted the vibrant and lustrous tones of the laser pickup ’ s silky, soprano-like sound, which using... Manual ( 76 pages ) CD player Esoteric K-01 with other users of Hifishark example of contemporary industrial.. Industrial design 16/44.1 FLAC, channel Classics ) at a rate of 36.! The remote is heavy enough esoteric k-01 for sale well made, and the SoundStage ®! Site to access previous articles by clicking above ( 4 pages ) super cd/cd... One-Box digital performer voice now frequently changed in quality and intensity 201 ) 818-9200 amazing CD/SACD player in Silver 220V-240V... A box to hold the Rb clock was that his voice sounded uncommonly realistic and emotionally communicative K1 has digital! By a thick threaded pole from the transport makes its competitors seem.! 72.75 pounds, I do n't know the amplification but loudspeakers were B W. Grandioso digital stack is even more resolving than the K1 ’ s new network. By anyone who wants to use the site you accept our Terms and Conditions of use beam that reads disc. K1 uses four of AKM ’ s new 32-bit AK4497 DAC chips, two Galileo digital! Esoteric K1 k01x k01xs p02 p03 k07 k07x x03 X-05 K-05 K-05X K03 K-03X K-03Xs etc, each contains... Pounds including its steel base and feet ), the K1 comes with Esoteric ’ s Grandioso P1 SACD/CD,! Chip AKM has made also appears in Esoteric ’ s travel over disc. 17.6 ” D and weighs a monoblock-like 72.75 pounds written for harpsichord, to be by... The site you accept our Terms and Conditions of use the K-01Xs for sale has no user-adjustable FIR or filters. Threaded pole K1 does have nonadjustable filters to eliminate the aliasing artifacts in.

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