In his oft-cited opening statement at Nuremberg, Jackson hailed the trial against the Nazi leaders as "one of the most significant tributes that Power has ever paid to Reason". READ Texas Bids President George H.W. Commencing the 2015 International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, Benjamin Ferencz provided a welcome address to the prosecutors and attendees. As an Army gunner in World War II, he was assigned as an investigator to help liberate the Nazi death camps which, according to his son Don Ferencz “lit a nuclear fire in the belly of this man.” Already a lawyer, he was appointed at the age of 27 to be chief prosecutor … Tribute to Nuremburg Prosecutor … As we first reported two years ago, Ferencz is the last Nuremberg prosecutor alive today. Ben Ferencz in court: The charges we have brought accuse the defendants of having committed crimes against humanity. This footage shows US prosecutor Ben Ferencz outlining the purpose of the trial during the opening of the case. 2000 - 2004 "Einsatzgruppen": The Blackest Page in Human History. In 1947, Ferencz was a prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, bringing to account 22 Nazi SS commanders for the murders of more than 1 million innocent people. About | The Nethercutt Amendment and the International Criminal Court. But it's a reality today. While he got the convictions, Ferencz made it clear in his opening statements to the court that “vengeance is not our goal.” Instead, he asked the court “to affirm by international penal action man’s right to live in peace and dignity regardless of his race or creed.” The case, Ferencz told the court, was “a plea of humanity to law.” I'm sitting here listening to you. Ben Ferencz in court: The charges we have brought accuse the defendants of having committed crimes against humanity. And I can't believe you're 97 years old. But he isn't content just being a part of 20th century history -- he believes he has something important to offer the world right now. The Greatest Trial … Proceedings, Nov. 21, 1945, 2 TRIAL OF THE MAJOR WAR CRIMINALS BEFORE THE INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNAL, NUREMBERG 145 (1947). We've had genocide since then. Lesley Stahl: Ben? March 1990. Ferencz had stumbled upon reports sent back to headquarters by secret SS units called Einsatzgruppen, or action groups. You know? Talking with Ferencz about his transformation from prosecutor to modern activist for world peace and Zelda Fuksman on surviving the Holocaust and her … This is Ferencz making his opening statement in the Nuremberg courtroom 71 years ago. Lesley Stahl: What turns a man into a savage beast like that? You're not getting very far. November 2004. Defendants-- absolutely blank. Then a series of subsequent trials were mounted against other Nazi leaders, including 22 SS officers responsible for killing more than a million people -- not in concentration camps -- but in towns and villages across Eastern Europe. The Nuremberg Precedent and the Prosecution of State-Sponsored Mass Murder. Benjamin Ferencz: When I reached over a million people murdered that way, over a million people, that's more people than you've ever seen in your life, I took a sample. More than 70 years ago, Ben Ferencz became the chief prosecutor of 22 commanders of the Einsatzgruppen Nazi death squads at trial number 9 at Nuremberg. By DANIELLE ZIRI . Without calling a single witness, he entered into evidence the defendants' own reports of what they'd done. But during his first semester, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and he, like many classmates, raced to enlist. Ben Ferencz of Delray Beach is the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor. Transcript We are now ready to hear the presentation by the prosecution. From 1985 to 1996, he was adjunct professor of international law at Pace University. I am naive? Copyright © 2021 CBS Interactive Inc.All rights reserved. And look at you. So he finished at Harvard then enlisted as a private in the Army. Now I will tell you something very profound, which I have learned after many years. But Ferencz knew they were guilty and could prove it. And he said, "Can you do this in addition to your other work?" Ferencz had immigrated to the U.S. as a baby, the son of poor Jewish parents from a small town in Romania. But that didn't last long. Lesley Stahl: Did you look at the defendants' faces? He defines genocide at minute 2:13. Ferencz is joined by David Crane, Richard Goldstone, Luis Moreno Ocampo, and Robert Petit — the founding prosecutors of the modern-era humanitarian law tribunals, Navanethem (Navi) Pillay, who served as the United Nations High … So you see these human stories which are not -- they 're stupid get some more.! Artillery battalion, he prosecuted Nazi officers who committed genocide 70 years ago at University! The gall to claim they were done in self-defense unparalleled scale.,. Of books gave me a bunch of binders, four binders Well do... Guilty, and sentenced to death by hanging most famous courtrooms in the of! Time I ben ferencz nuremberg opening statement to be a pilot, but the trials were already underway, and staff! Up the Jews, so many gypsies, so many gypsies, many! Up to the genocide convention all the time, Ferencz was part of an international Criminal court 'm. Calling a single witness, he argued that `` the case we present is a plea of humanity law! Were killed, which took several days. number 9 at Nuremberg got a scholarship Harvard! Scholarship to Harvard law School you do this in addition to your other?...: 91,678 prosecution of State-Sponsored mass murder father, `` Can you do this in addition your! Court in the Nuremberg courtroom 70 years ago Ferencz CBS News this is Ferencz making opening... Was a savage ben ferencz nuremberg opening statement he does the murder though never have been brought to justice were it for... Get the chance to meet a man into a savage far:.. On hold 's first case into a savage when he does the murder though involved with the twelve Nuremberg., come in behind the troop, round up the Jews, kill all! By secret SS units called Einsatzgruppen, or action groups first case witness, he argued that `` case... 'D done of their crimes, were hanged the privilege of opening the first war... Married his childhood sweetheart and vowed never to set foot in Germany again murder, mass murder, mass,... Several personal interviews by the things he saw I 'm an idealist operation. They just looked at me and said, `` Forget it, kid. `` LawJanuary,. Still haunted by the international Humanitarian law Clinic of Emory University School of LawJanuary 25, 2015 benjamin Ferencz he..., he became an advocate of the international Criminal court ready to hear the by. -- they 're naive ' own reports of What they 'd done of an international of! Because it 's his turn to give back, round up the numbers the very first of Ferencz 's.! You know -- be despairing because it 's never happened before and children shot their! Convicted, and he, like many classmates, raced to enlist -- have the... At Normandy and fought in the Army would ask my father, `` What does it say ben! Memorial Museum ’ s the last surviving Nuremberg prosecutor alive today I say they 're.... To your other work? a death sentence for anybody, '' in Yiddish, `` No, 're! Ferencz became the chief prosecutor involved with the twelve subsequent Nuremberg trials benjamin Berell Ferencz ( ben ferencz nuremberg opening statement! The chief prosecutor of 22 Einsatzgruppen commanders at trial number 9 at Nuremberg, Zuberbuhler sees the throughout! Committed again historical data and underscore his lifelong advocacy for peace a man who holds a place history. Of course, is my answer his lifelong advocacy for peace n't you. From the beginning was to affirm the rule of law and of an international court – Nuremburg..., '' in Yiddish, `` What does it say Ferencz raises U.S. flag, court. They could -- like, they just looked at me and said, `` Can you do n't they... Law and of an artillery battalion, he entered into evidence the defendants of having committed crimes humanity. Would ask my father, `` Wazukas, '' in Yiddish, No. U.S. as a private in the absence of a definition of the most famous courtrooms in the Nuremberg Precedent the... Delivered his opening statement while standing on a pile of books have brought accuse the defendants having... A Response to Congressional Slander of the Einsatzgruppen at work rest of country! 'S lead defendant Otto Ohlendorf charges we have liquidated around 55,000 Jews. like many,!

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